Workshop Networking & The Political Game

Holliday Inn Brussels Airport
21 June 2019
€ 450.00 excl. TAX


Enjoy an entire day of workshops by Danielle Moens of the Centre for Balanced Leadership. 

Participate in the workshop on Networking in the morning. Put your new skills and knowledge to use during the healthy networking lunch and continue with a workshop on the Political Game. 

Networking with fun and results!

The outcome?

After this workshop you will have developed your networking skills significantly and you will know how to use networking as a career tool. A healthy networking lunch at the end of the workshop will give you the opportunity to practice your new skills instantly. In just half a day, you will be able to network more effectively and inclusively, and most importantly with more confidence and joy!

The approach?

The ability to tap into your network is essential to enhance your career. Practice and experience the power of networking in the here-and-now. Our networking coach Danielle Moens will inspire you to change your mind set on networking: “think of it as a win instead of a threat”. She will provide you with practical tips on how to become a more effective networker and she will share her insights on gender sensitivities that are a must-know while networking.

The Political Game: Play it to change it!

The outcome?

This workshop will help you understand how your attitude towards the political game helps you, or hinders you, to get what you want. Learn how to participate in it without compromising others or your company in the process. Use the political game to put your qualities and talents at the service of colleagues and clients, even if you believe the game to be not transparent or even unfair. By the end of this half day, you will know how to use the power of office politics positively while diffusing the efforts of those who abuse it.

The approach?

If you don’t participate in the political game, you risk not having a say in what happens around you. A passive attitude allows others with less experience, skills or knowledge to influence the decisions being made around you. Expert Danielle Moens will give you insight in the political game by focussing on your personal playing profile: are you clever, wise, innocent or inept? Starting from your own profile, she will provide you with insights on how to play the political game and enjoy it.

The practical?

Date: June 21st, 2019


Workshop Networking: 8h30 - 12h00

Networking lunch: 12h00 - 13h30

Workshop The Political Game: 13h30 - 17h00

Location: Holiday Inn, Holidaystraat 7, Diegem


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