BIG Deal Training

Holliday Inn Brussels Airport
7 December 2018
€ 250.00 excl. TAX


Unique 1-day program delivered globally to senior leaders.

NOW in Brussels!!!

1-day high impact training to benefit from inclusion in the workplace and boost the performance of diverse teams.

"Inspiring". "Engaging". "Activating". "Global".

For you? If you want to

  • Discover how your personal balance of masculine and feminine qualities / energies impacts your performance
  • Understand how a balanced corporate culture drives inclusion in the workplace
  • Boost your team's performance by unlocking the potential and added value of differences
  • Inspire others to build the collaborative and inclusive workplaces of the future


  • Understanding the opportunity: fast forward to recent and relevant research underpinning the value of diversity and inclusion
  • Balanced Leadership: discover your personal balance of masculine/feminine (yin/yang) energies and how these dimensions form corporate culture
  • Gender Intelligence: identify key opportunities and barriers for gender balance, understand how bias influences us all, face the facts on the influence on career development
  • Inclusive Behaviours: develop your skills and attitudes as an inclusive leader and team member, unlocking talent and potential, engaging and inspiring others

Your coach: Michèle Mees, co-founder CFBL, author, international speaker, Incluson & Diversity Ambassador

  • Look at Michèle's TEDx Talk on the importance of balancing the masculine and feminine in yourself, and in business
  • The past 2 years, Michèle traveled the world with the BIG Deal program (Asia, Europe, Middle East, Americas). She is looking forward to working with you on October 19 in Brussels!

Michele Mees WISE Event 2017

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