Start 2 SHINE

28 March 2020
€ 175.00 excl. TAX


A one-day training to guide women with 0 to 5 years of working experience in defining their future career path.  

What can you expect?  

SHINE Start will teach you strategies to help you keep up the great energy and good hopes you have for working in your organization and getting ahead. It will provide you with insight on how the corporate world is not a level playing field for both genders, and make you aware of opportunities as well as possible setbacks you might encounter being an ambitious women at the start of her career.  

Get to know yourself better, discover your talents in depth and define your career ambitions from the start on. Empower yourself and other participants by sharing experiences. Learn how to stay balanced in a traditional (masculine) corporate culture and how to bypass obstacles that can slow down your career. Discover tools that will allow you to grow; developing your strengths even further to realize your full potential. SHINE Start will be given by experienced Female Leadership Coach Danielle Moens. 


  1. Who am I and what are my talents? 
  2. What am I passionate about and what do I dream of?  
  3. How can I reach my goals and unlock my full potential?  
  4. How can I bypass my barriers?  
  5. Career tips to speed up your career 
  6. Networking drink and celebration of the kickoff of a new star

Bring a friend at pay only € 300 (excl. VAT) for the two of you!


Only 15 spots left